Our Story

Over 20 Years of Growing Cherries

Cam has been growing cherries in southwest Saskatchewan since 1998 and started with two sauces made from the Carmine Jewel cherry – a variety developed at the University of Saskatchewan. They are a nickel size cherry with a very intense flavour and deep purple colour, and a tartness that really grabs you. These Carmine Jewel sour cherries are incredibly hardy and easy to process. This led to the beginning of a food company committed to making simple, healthy products, while providing something totally new for those with an inquisitive pallet.

The latest planting of Carmine Jewel sour cherries was on a small piece of property that is set into a very small range of hills in southwest Saskatchewan. The south and west boundaries of the property are set by a CP Railway line that went through in 1913. Since then, the line has been privatized, but is still used today. The first locomotives up this line after the privatization were Santa Fe locomotives… hence where the company name came from!